How to earn money from youtube without adsense ?

As I had mentioned earlier, YouTube has stopped the Adsense earning for millions of YouTube Channels. As per the condition, the channel should have 4000 hours of view and at least 1000 subscribers. Millions of YouTubers are in trouble, check out these Adsense alternatives for YouTubers below

Making money on YouTube channel without Adsense is a big task for new YouTubers, There are many ways other than Adsense for a YouTuber to make money

What are the other ways to make money from YouTube other than Google Adsense?

Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

You can promote affiliate products of your niche and use your YouTube Channel Traffic to sell products. For example, your channel is about WordPress. You can create videos reviewing WordPress Paid Themes, add your affiliate link in the description of the Video. Interested users would click on the link. Every sale would give you much better than what Google Adsense would give.

Another example, say your channel is on fitness, along with your video you can promote fitness products from Amazon or other e-commerce sites.

affiliate Marketing make money youtube

Sponsorship Videos to make money from YouTube

I know it is very difficult to get sponsors for videos, but belive me, there is nothing wrong in trying. You should create good videos and check with people who are in the same niche for sponsor with little pricing. This works for many.

Keep creating good videos which would be interesting for your viewers. You will very soon reach the set conditions by YouTube to get your channel reviewed. One very important fact that every YouTuber should know is that most of the big earning YouTubers earn more money from other sources like Affiliate Marketing and Sponsored Videos than from Google Adsense. There is nothing to be worried or demotivated about your account getting blocked for Adsense Monetisation.

Conclusion – Adsense is not the end of the world, there are lots of alternatives

Cheer Up, work hard, create good video which would get more and more visitors. Believe me, you should take this as great opportunity, because only hard-working YouTubers are going to stay back, people who tried short cuts to earn money from YouTube are going to go off.

Popular YouTubers make more money from other sources – Not YouTube Monetisation

Do you know that most of the top YouTubers make more money from other sources like sponsorships, affiliate marketing, product reviews, channel promotion, etc.


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