How I reached 500 Subscribers organically? YouTube Channel

It has been 4 months since I starting posting videos regularly and working really hard to get my videos viewed by right audience. Why I say right audience is that I did not want to just improve my view numbers, but I wanted my videos to be viewed by people who are really interested in the topic and would appreciate the content. They would also help me in sharing the videos, giving me a thumbs up and subscribing to my channel. In this post I am sharing my experience on how I  got 500 subscribers.

My Goal 1000 subscribers 4000 watch hours

Getting the initial 100 subscribers

Getting the initial 100 subscribers was too long. I got some initial subscribers by almost forcing my friends and relatives to subscribe to my channel. Let me tell you, that is not really going to help for the simple reason that you should get subscribers organically. If you are getting subscriber who are just told to subscribe, but not interested in your videos then you will not see a good percentage of viewers who are your subscribers.

Will the number of subscribers improve your channel views?

Yes but not what  you would expect. I was thinking that when I post a video and I have 100 subscribers, I would get at least 100 views in next 24 – 48 hours. That would never happen for the simple reason that all your subscribers would not be using YouTube every day or every other day. Other than that the YouTube algorithm plays some tricks which I still do not understand well. There are some channel which I have subscribed and I do not see those videos on my home screen. I have not enabled notifications so I do not get notifications too.

Check the analytics of your YouTube Channel

How important is enabling notification by your subscribers?

Always request your subscribers to enable notification so that they get a notification as soon as a video is published.

Views Vs Watch time

Do not worry much about the number of views, but you need to be careful about the watch time. You should check your YouTube analytics to understand how your videos are performing. You can somehow manage to get a viewer to start watching a video, but if you are not able to retain the viewer then your video is not as expected by the viewer.

What are the things that I did to improve my videos and increase subscribers?

Here are some tips which I learned during my journey to 500 subscribers. I know it is funny when I talk about reaching 500 subscribers in 4+ months, because there are channel which gain more than 1000 subscribers every day. Initial 1000 subscribers are really litmus test provoking to quit YouTube, but focus on hard work, post good videos and have a target set for 10-12 months. Get subscribers organically, they will help you grow your channel. Inactive subscribers are just numbers.

Regular Posting of Videos

Develop a habit of posting videos consistently. Over a period of time, you can have fixed days. Do not bombard your subscribers with tons of videos, they may unsubscribe.

Sticking to my niche

I decided my interest / hobby / passion as my niche which is Travel, Food and Destinations. 95% of my videos are related to this niche, occasionally I would post a  video which I feel that I should share with my viewers.

Having a story for each of my video

When you plan for a video, you should have some story for that video. I do not mean that you should do like a movie but to keep your viewers retained till the end, your video should follow some sequence.

Promoting my videos on social media

I use social medias like FaceBook, Google+ and Twitter to promote my videos and channel

Advertising on Google Adwords

I run very small budget campaign for some videos for few days after posting

Participating in Q & A portals

I promote my videos at Q & A portals like Quora. You can embed your videos which would add value to your answers. Do not try to spam or frustrate others with your videos

Adding information links inside the description of every video

Write a good description along with title and tags for every video you post. In the description, you should add links to your related videos and play lists.

Using my blog to embed videos

For most my videos, I would be writing a detailed post on my travel blog and embed related videos. I get good views from my blog too.

Sharing my Video with other related YouTube Channels

I search for similar kind of videos and after watching carefully, I comment on the video and post my similar video link and request them to have a look. Mostly I got positive feedbacks and even some subscribed to my channel.

Final thoughts on reaching 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours

It is a tough journey to reach 1000 subscriber, I have almost reached 4000 watch hours, but about 500 subscribers to go. I will update this post once I reach 1000 subscribers

Please share your thoughts if you are new YouTuber and with same goals.

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