How to increase subscribers on your YouTube Channels?

Boost YouTube Subscribers Free

As a YouTuber, you will know that the number of Subscribers are very important for your channel. Now you need to understand few things about the number of Subscribers and the kind of subscribers that you should have on your channel. Tips to increase subscribers on YouTube for free are given below which would show great results in realtime if you have great videos.

How to get 1000 subscribers fast?

There are many services which would help you to get subscribers by paying them or by exchanging subscribers. I strongly recommend that you do not use any paid service or subscriber exchange programs to get useless subscribers. Trust me there are no fast methods to get subscribers. Check out my channel subscribers, I started seriously working for my YouTube Channel during the end of December 2017 and just reached about 265 subscribers as on today.

Why do you need Subscribers?

When you post a video, your subscribers should be waiting for the new video notification and watch the entire video.

Types of Subscribers – Paid and Organic Subscriber

You will see lots of services which says “how to get 1000 subscribers on youtube in a week“, “how to get 1000 subscribers on youtube in a week“, etc.

If you have got paid subscribers, then there no advantages for your channel with these subscribers. The real intention of subscribing to a channel is gone when you are just looking for increasing your channel subscribers to show numbers.

How to increase your YouTube Channel Subscribers?

Here are few tips to increase your subscribers organically. I am very much against going for services where they exchanges subscribers or you pay to get subscribers, please stay away, you may even completely lose your channel by getting penalised by YouTube.

Keep your Channel to one or two related topics

You should post videos on one or two topics and it should be related. For example, I am a person who is interested in Automobiles, I would subscribe to a channel which shows review of cars, bikes, but all of a sudden if the channel posts video on cooking, I would get irritated and un-subscribe to that channel.

Increase your video visibility to YouTube Search

If you see the analytics of YouTube, you will understand that there are different sources of traffic for YouTube Videos

increase youtube subscribers

  1. YouTube Search
  2. YouTube Suggested Videos
  3. Browse Features
  4. Playlists
  5. Notification
  6. Embedding on other websites / social media
  7. End Screens
  8. Video Cards and Annotations
  9. Channel Pages

The above are the best sources of YouTube Traffic. Now you need to work on how you can increase the views of each and every source mentioned above. Notification and Subscribers are two out of nine sources of traffic.

Increase your traffic, views and view time, your subscribers will automatically grow.

Other than Traffic – Tips to increase subscribers

Make every viewer watch the video till the end

You should market your video to the right audience so that they do not exit video within initial few seconds which happens to most of the videos. This would give you a good number of views, but your view time is more important.

Ratio between number of view and view time is very important. Have you checked the total number of views of a video and the total view minutes of the video. If your views are less than view time, again depend on the length of your video. You should get viewers who watch almost 100% of your video. You never get that on any channel. 50% would be excellent.

Keep your video title as true as the content of your video

To get the right viewer, you need make sure that only right viewers come to watch your video. You should have your title clear. so that it come under right search keywords. Don’t try to get just viewers, you should try to get potential viewers. This is a part of YouTube SEO, which will be discussed in detail later.

Have a good description text for every video you post

Same as title, you should have right description too. You should spend good time writing about the video so that your video get’s into the right search queries. You will get good number of visitors from YouTube Search. Again this is YouTube SEO, a broader topic to be presented in separate post.

Have a blog to promote your video

Having a blog to write about your videos is a good idea. Even you can embed your videos on your blog and have a good write-up. This can also build good traffic to your videos. A very good and ethical method to improve valuable subscribers.

Always use YouTube Subscriber Button on your Blog or any Website

Subscriber buttons are great tool to improve your Subscriber count and you can display your YouTube Channel Subscribers Count in realtime.

Configure Your YouTube Channel Subscriber Button

How to view your Subscribers?

You can view your subscribers by going to Creator Studio ->Community->Subscribers. You can even send messages to your subscribers, personal, not bulk. You can view only those subscribers who have allowed list their subscriptions to public.

Lastly – Use Video cards and Annotations for Subscribe Link

In the creator Studio, you have option to edit your video and add Annotations and End Screen options. You need to use these to promote other video or related videos. You should also add your affiliate links to make some earnings even if you do not have Adsense

1000 subscribers how much money

Some idea of earnings if you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours

You will earn roughly USD 100 per month.

To Conclude, please note,

  1. it’s not the number of subscribers or the subscribers count, but the quality or I would call it as organic subscribers and not paid subscribers. You can run campaigns to promote your videos and channel to the right people and if they like your channel, they will subscribe.
  2. it’s not the number of views, but the view time matters.
  3. Good number of valuable or high rated subscribers are always good for your Channel, get going, you can increase subscribers on YouTube for free.

Focus on these points, you can grow your increase subscribers on YouTube organically which would again be valuable for your channel


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