How to promote your YouTube Channel for free?

Starting a channel is easy and free, working hard on shooting, editing and uploading videos to your channel is also manageable, but how to promote your YouTube Channel?

Here are some methods to promote your YouTube channel for free. With these methods, other than promoting your YouTube Channel, you can also get free YouTube subscribers, free YouTube views too.

Promote YouTube Channel for Free

Check out the below proven tactics to promote your YouTube channel for free. If you are ready to spend there are many methods like Google AdWords, Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, etc, but you need to have a budget for this. Check out this if you are planning for a paid Google AdWords

Search Traffic is the best and free – Optimize your videos for Search Engine

I have discussed about YouTube SEO in details, check that out.

Design your Channel page to the best

You should have your channel page well designed with headers, playlists to be added to be viewed to new visitors as well and subscribers. You should upload an attractive image for your header. Write a great description for your channel which is very important. How to edit your Channel Description

Thumbnails for your Videos

promote your youtube channel how to promote youtube channel free promote your youtube channel free

After you upload a video, YouTube itself sets a thumbnail, if you feel that the thumbnail set by default is not good, then you can edit it by selecting other options or upload an image file. Some do add texts to compel viewers to click and watch.

Use the Creative Studio Tools to increase Video Views and Subscribers – Best way to Promote your YouTube channel

If you are a YouTuber, then you should be knowing about the Creative Studio where you can do most of editing, enhancement, changing the thumbnail, etc. You should also have noted some other tools like enhancements, Audio, End screen and annotations, cards, etc.

promote youtube channel for free

Use End Screen , Cards and Annotations

You can add links to the end screens to view another video or playlist of yours, This should be used on every video to promote other videos. Once you upload a video, you should do this. Similarly you can also add up to 5 cards per video, you can refer to your previous videos and ask the viewers to click on the cards to view the linked video. This helps in promoting other videos

Promote your channel on other YouTube Channels and Social Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc

You should participate in community discussions on YouTube, join groups on Facebook and other social platforms. You should also share your video on Twitter and other micro blogging sites.

Use Your Channel subscription link as email Signature

Set up your email signature with your Channel Subscription link. This is a very old way of marketing, but still it works great.

Always request your viewer to give a thumbs up and subscribe to your channel – Call for action

You should create a format for your videos where you have a call of action to like your video and subscribe to your channel. This could help a lot in improving your subscribers count and likes on videos which simultaneously will help your videos to rank better.

Allow embeds for your videos

You should enable embed for all your videos so that people can embed your videos on thier blogs or other social media sites.

Create Playlists with Keyword rich title and descriptions

You can create good playlists of your videos organising it into searchable lists. This will help in free traffic for your channel.

These are some of the best and free ways to promote your YouTube Channel for free.

Every process takes its own time, put all your efforts and wait for the results.

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