Some FAQ’s Related to YouTube Channels

What is the YouTube Channel Banner Size?

  1. YouTube Channel Banner size is 2560 x 1440 pixels.
  2. Minimum Dimensions for upload is 2048 x 1152 pixels
  3. Maximum Width 2560 x 423 pixels
  4. Maximum file size – 6 Megabites

How to add or change a Channel Banner or Channel Art Work?

Check out Google Support

How to make YouTube Channel Branding?

It is important to have branding done for your YouTube Channel. Check out this detailed post on YouTube Channel Branding and increase subscribers.

How to Start a YouTube Channel from the scratch?

Starting a YouTube Channel is not a great task, but to build it is a big job and it would take a lot of time. I have written a detailed post on starting a YouTube Channel

How to start a YouTube Channel – Explained Step By Step

What should my YouTube Channel be about?

You should always start a channel about a topic that you are interested, have good knowledge and you would be able to create videos on that that time over a period of time. Your topic for the channel should be your passion or you will quit midway.

How do YouTubers get Famous?

There are millions of people who post videos on YouTube and they are called YouTubers. I am also a YouTuber, but I am not famous, definitely I wish to be famous.

There are many YouTubers who are famous because they have been doing this for some time now and they are working really hard. YouTubers get famous for a simple reason that they work hard and communicate to create a great community. They are able to influnce their viewers and they get popular.

Do YouTubers Make Money?

Yes, some of them make big money (Millions every month), most of them make nothing and some do make a decent income.

Check out my post on making money on YouTube

When do YouTubers get Paid?

As of now, you need to get minimum 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours over a period of last 12 months. Please make it clear that you need both to start your channel evaluation process. Once your channel get approved, you can join the YPP (YouTube Partner Program) and start getting paid through Google Adsense.

How to get a tick sign for your YouTube Channel – Verification Badges

You can get your YouTube Channel verified and get a tick sign for your account once you have more than 100,000 subscribers.

More Information 

Further to FAQ’s for YouTubers

Every aspiring YouTuber should be taking up video blogging as a passion rather than thinking about just making quick money.

I have some useful information which might be helpful for you. If you are in the process of reaching 1000 subscribers 4000 watch hours, then you should be reading most of the posts on this blog. Check out the sitemap for more information.

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