How to start a career on YouTube? Tips for new YouTubers

Introduction to career on YouTube

History of YouTube

Starting a Career on YouTube – YouTube was launched in 2005 as a video hosting platform. Since then, the platform has changed dramatically. Right now, it is one of the vital social media tools and huge marketing provenance. The numbers are mind-boggling with almost five billion videos being watched every day. The visitor count per day stands at Thirty million and almost three hundred hours of video are uploaded every minute. The data are staggering, and the reason is absolutely evident as for why people decide to make a living off it.

6 Tips to Start Your Career on YouTube

YouTube is an opportunity to monetize for a large number of people. Popularly known as YouTubers, have demonstrated to us that creating a channel and being successful at it needs a little more focus. Besides a camera and some content, a little mix of marketing techniques is sought. With such huge viewer base, a little hard work may result in a lucrative payoff. One has to follow a dedicated regime of strategies that set you apart.

1. Kick-Start:

One has to be familiar about the operations of the platform. Create and account with a catchy and understandable username. That is the basics. A Vlog takes dedicated time from each day, so make sure you are able to provide some. Though the follower count is not considered the definition of a successful YouTube channel, but setting a goal might help in calculating terms

2. The algorithm:

Keywords is literally the key. Just like google, YouTube has a search algorithm which filters the content and gives results which are a fit to the users search. Understand what people are looking for and design your keywords according to that. Take some time and research keywords and then start building your strategy.

3. Face-off

Know your category. This involves knowing what your competitors are doing and what can be your strategy that can set you apart from the competitive crowd. Never copy but compare is the key here.

4. Content:

A YouTube channel needs both marketing and technical knowhow. But what keeps a channel going is its content. People watch what they like or find interesting. Study trends about what is in and work around your content. Content should be preferably fresh and valuable to whosoever watches it.

5. Quality:

Quality of what you upload on YouTube will definitely determine your future on this marketing behemoth. Keep in mind that the platform is Visual, and appearance should be pleasing at least. Famous YouTuber “The Jovenshire” tells the secret. According to him, no matter how excellent the content, if your audio is not good, the video is dismissed. Get some knowledge about production and all the related tech. Also take some lessons about the search engine optimisation (SEO).

6. Connect

It is mandatory to maintain relationships with established YouTubers. This might help with little promotion and some know-how. Make your channel more presentable to the people, add a good logo and other branding related props.

The process may look complex, but once you start your research and upload your first video on the Vlog, the path will become clearer. Doing is teaching. It might take a while before people start noticing your work, patience is the key. Every star was once a beginner.

Further Reading on becoming a YouTuber

Now it is left up to you to decide on Starting a Career on YouTube. Nothing is easy, you should be passionate about the things that you do. There are many YouTubers who are doing well with their career with YouTube.

Some Simple Tips for New YouTubers

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