Tips for New YouTubers – Every new YouTube Channel Owner should read

I started my YouTube Channel in 2008, but that was for posting some tutorial videos for the products that I was developing and selling. I had even done some video testimonials, affiliate marketing and so on. I kept my Channel dead for almost 10 years when I was focusing on my full time job. I never thought about posting any videos as I did not have any reasons to do so. One other thing I used to do with my YouTube channel was to generate sales for my products (WordPress Plugins) by posting WordPress Tutorials. In this post I am sharing some tips for new youtubers which could be helpful to budding channels on YouTube.

Now after 10 years I have got regular in posting videos on my same channel. The reason for getting active on my video channel is that I travel a lot for official as well as personal reasons. I do write some notes and post photos on my blog, but when I saw few travel videos, I thought, why should I not shoot videos when I travel and maintain a travel channel. That’s the history of my YouTube Channel and I think I can call myself a YouTuber.

During this two months, I went through some great experiences, readings and research on YouTube Channel, YouTube SEO, YouTube ban on Adsense earnings and so on. I decided to start a blog which is fully dedicated to YouTube and share all my experience related to YouTube so that others could get some help especially new YouTubers.

Top Tips for New YouTubers – New YouTube Channels

1. Be consistent in Posting your videos

Your every next video is going to give you a new lesson. You will keep improving the quality and presentation of every video that you make. Even the top YouTubers first video would be a mess compared to the recent one. Let’s try one example, go your favourite or competitors channel, go to the videos tab and sort them to show the oldest on the top. Watch that Video, you will see, how that person started and how is he doing now. Check out the views of the oldest few videos and views of the recent videos. So consistent posting of videos to keep your channel fresh is very important. How many videos a week or a month is something that you should decide. I suggest at least 2 videos a week. This is one of the important tips for new youtubers and everyone should follow.

2. Length of Video – Editing to the core

Your video should be well-edited without repetitions to keep your viewers glued to the video. If you are going to add all the clips that you shot, your viewer will look for another video. Atleast watch your video 2-3 times and edit till you feel it is done. Very important, if you yourself feel that the scene or shot is too lengthy or boring, just cut that out before you publish.

Add good audio, you can get free musics from YouTube itself or there are many other services.

3. YouTube SEO – Optimize your videos for better search results

Optimize your Video for Search Engines as well as YouTube searches. Your video should show up in related videos as well as suggested videos. These are the major sources of traffic to your video, so as a beginner, you will have to put some extra effort on YouTube SEO. This is one of the most important tips for a new YouTuber

  1. Video Title – Give a real meaningful title to the video
  2. Video Description – You can be as descriptive as you can about what the video is about
  3. Tags – These should be the keywords that users would use to search  your video

Check out this detailed post on YouTube SEO for beginners

4. Create Public Playlists

Organise your videos into public playlists. You can even add good videos other than yours to these playlist. Your playlists can get listed in search or can come up as suggested videos. YouTube playlists would not only give you views from searches, but also get listed in related videos, increase audience retention watching related videos one after the other in the playlist. When you create playlist, have a good explanatory title with keyword rich description, but make sure that you don’t be spam.

Check out this page for more about setting up playlist

5. Don’t Invest much on hardware and Softwares

hardware – You should start off with simple gadgets and tools. I suggest to start with a mobile camera which I did. I got my first action camera Sony FDR x3000 only after 25 videos, then I got a Canon G7X after 75 videos. I decided to upgrade my gadgets as I felt the real need. You can even continue with a good mobile camera which I feel is the best. You should have some good Selfie Sticks which should be more than enough.

Softwares – Go for free softwares like iMovie or many available for editing your video for the beginning. Once you feel the need of upgrade, you can go for Final Cut Pro if you are a Mac user.

The reason I say that you should not invest too much is that you should not feel the pain of investment Vs returns. You do not make a single penny unless you have some good number of videos having some good number of subscribers,  views and watch time.

There are many other services which help you in improving your YouTube Videos in search ranking, analysing competitors, getting the right keywords, etc. Just try all the possible free versions, later you can go for paid ones if you really feel so.

Suggested Services on a later Stage – VidIQ Chrome Extension, Keyword Research

6. Engage your visitors by Comments / Sharing / Liking

It is very important to make your visitors, comment on your YouTube Videos, share it with their friends. Ask your viewers to give a thumbs up if they like the video as your closing remarks. Comments, Likes, Shares and very strong indicators to rank high for YouTube searches.

7. Don’t be shy to share your videos to your friends and family

Many of us do shy away in sharing their work with the people they know. Even I am a person who is shy to share my videos with my friends. This takes a bit of time to get the confidence to face the camera, talk to your audience and so on.

8. Don’t become a YouTuber because you heard that YouTubers earn a lot of money

There is a big misunderstanding that like make money blogging trend, there is a make money YouTube trend. There are no shortcuts to make money from YouTube, I have listed out some tips for new YouTubers, experienced people also could learn something from this.

Suggested Reading – how to start a career in youtube

9. Keep yourself updated with everything that are going on around YouTube

You should keep yourself updated with all the news around YouTube. There may be change in policies, rules and regulations which would be very important for YouTubers. I suggest following YouTube on Twitter, follow the YouTube Blog for all the latest announcements,

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Hope these tips for new YouTubers are helpful, please should out your comments if you have anything to add to these tips / tricks for YouTubers


Tips for New YouTubers

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