Why should YouTubers have a blog ?

Blogging is very common and video blogging or Vlogging is the latest in the trend. Difference Explained.

Every company or brand has a blog where they would announce or share updates. In the same way, I strongly believe that every YouTuber should have a blog to have some periodical updates on plans or future.

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Advantages of having a blog for a YouTuber

  1. You can promote your channel using your blog.
  2. You can also make some money by running a blog other than promoting your YouTube Channel using affiliate marketing or even Google Adsense work well.
  3. You can write about upcoming plans of your Channel
  4. Embed your videos and get some traffic from search engines, improve visibility of your videos.
  5. Get traffic to your blog from your YouTube channel. You can write about 70% of the description into the YouTube description box and provide a link to your blog for more details. In this way you keep your readers with your channel as well as your blog.
  6. Have a Subscribe Button for your channel on your blog, this will help you in increasing your channel subscribers count organically.

These are few great advantages of a YouTuber maintaining a blog. I have tried this and I get important traffic to my Channel from my blog and from my blog to my channel.

One very important fact which every budding YouTuber should keep in mind is that do what ever you enjoy doing. You should be passionate about the work you do everyday or you will not be able to do for a long time. Select a topic that you are interested, you have some knowledge about it and you are interested in exploring and learning more about it. Starting a YouTube channel with a topic of your interest is very important.

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