Why New YouTubers should use YouTube Analytics?

Free YouTube Analytics Tools

As a new YouTuber, you should have few very important points that you should be doing seriously to grow your YouTube Channel Views, Video View time and above all loyal organic subscribers. Every YouTuber has been provided with the best YouTube Analytics Tools for free which is the YouTube analytics dashboard.

As a budding YouTuber you should keep track of your growth to make sure that you are doing things in the right way. YouTube Analytics is a tool available for every YouTube account.

How to view YouTube Analytics of your Videos?

Login to your YouTube Account and Just visit Creative Studio and then Analytics

Like Google Analytics for website, we have this tool for YouTube videos. Every work we do should have some measurable goals so that we know how we are performing.

How to View YouTube Analytics for other videos?

There are many other paid softwares that you give you details of other videos, channels and even YouTubers.

You will have to use third-party tools which is out to scope of this article. I will be covering it very soon – How to View YouTube Analytics for other videos?

VidIQ - youtube analytics for other videos

YouTube Analytics Tools on YouTube.Com

YouTube Analytics tools

YouTube Analytics Data 0001

YouTube Analytics Data 0000

These are actual screenshots of my YouTube Analytics page. You can understand the performance of every video that you have posted.

Important reports / indicators that you should check at least once in 3 days.

Watch time of a Video

The watch time of a video will give an idea that your video is good, the viewer is watching almost the full video. If you find that your video is not watched even 10 percent, then you need to work on the quality of your video.

Other possible reason could be you are getting the wrong viewers. I had made good videos but had got very less watch time. I understood while analysing my video view data. Later I found out the problem. I had promoted the video to wrong audience. If I post a video on gaming to people who are not interested then they would leave the video and even hit the dislike button. So do not be in a hurry to promote your videos and get views, you need to get views from the right audience and the is organic traffic coming from searches. – Focus on YouTube SEO

Likes Vs Dislike

This is a very strong indicator for your channel and you should be very careful. If you are going to get lots of dislikes compared to the likes then your channel ranking will go down and may not rank well in search, suggested videos, etc.

To get more likes, focus on good video, right audience, organic traffic

Top Videos

Keep a watch on top videos. Check the traffic source of these videos.

Watch time from Subscribers

This report will show how much percent of your subscribers are really watching your videos. This is a very important indicator to show how loyal your subscribers are?

If you have got subscribers by paying program or exchange program, none of them would be interested in watching your videos, so get subscriber naturally / organically.

Check out this to get more natural subscribers for free.

Subscribers Growth / Fall

This is also a very important report that you should watch at least once in every 15 days. You will know how many new subscribers joined for the period. It will  show a green or red indicator so that you can work accordingly.

Number of Views

Number of views for the entire channel as well as particular channel, This will show how each and every video is performing. You can understand the performance of each and every video. You should compare every video views, view minutes every previous month.

Playlist Reports

Playlists are again a good source of traffic for every channel. Create good meaningful playlists so that others like those playlists and you get good views. There are good number of reports inside the YouTube Analytics to help new YouTubers understand performance and work accordingly.

Audience – Important to negotiate with Advertisers / Sponsors

Type of Audiences that your channel has are a very important information. Demography helps in tuning your future videos and products. Even this would help you in negotiating with advertisers for sponsorship videos and product reviews.

YouTube Studio iOS Android Approved - Please proceed0000

Suppose you have 1000 viewers of the age group between 25-35 and 75% of them are female. Guess what, you can promote any product that is targeted to this demography.


Understand how you are getting your viewers. How did your viewer discover your channel?

YouTube Studio iOS Android Approved - Please proceed0001

Revenue – YouTube Adsense Earnings

If you are eligible for YouTube Earning, then you will have this earning report including which video earned how much. This is important only when you start earning directly from YouTube Adsense Program.

YouTube Studio – YouTube analytics App Smartphone Application to manage YouTube Accounts

YouTube analytics App – If you are using iPad / iPhone or Android, get the YouTube Studio Approved – Please proceed

YouTube Studio iOS Android Approved - Please proceed0001

General Overview from YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio iOS Android Approved - Please proceed0000

Analytics Dashboard on YouTube Studio

You get realtime information on the performance of your video on your mobile devices. I use the iOS version on my iPhone as well as iPad. You can even manage multiple YouTube accounts. Other great feature of YouTube Studio is that you can even edit your videos, not all the fields, but title, description, tags, change thumbnail, status, etc.

Further to tracking your growth / fall using the YouTube Analytics

As a YouTuber, you should have this installed on your smart phone and is the best mobile YouTube Analytics tools

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