Tips to Increase Audience Retention above 50%

What is Audience Retention ?

YouTube Audience Retention –  In general, how long you can retain a viewer or a visitor till the completion or end of the video or script or play. Suppose its a movie of 2 hours and he leaves after 1 hour then the audience retention is 50% in that particular case.

What does audience retention mean on YouTube?

There are two types of audience retention

  1. Absolute Audience retention – The absolute audience retention curve shows the number of views for every moment of a video as a percentage of the total number of video views.
  2. Relative Audience retention – Relative audience retention shows a video’s ability to keep viewers compared to all YouTube videos of similar length.


YouTube audience retention explained

Being a YouTuber, you should be aware that you should have viewers who would watch your videos till the end. Audience retention percentage means, how long you are able to keep your viewer watching the video. If the video is of 10 minutes and somebody leaves after 5 minutes, then the audience retention is 50%. This value is calculated on an average of all your viewers and videos. This is a very important factor for your videos to rank high in YouTube search and other suggested videos – YouTube SEO

Audience Retention Report

If you want to check the audience retention report, you can find it in your YouTube Analytics Audience Retention Report

As you see my channel average is 30% but I have some videos even up to 60%. Check out videos which are having very low audience retention and investigate to find the reasons. It could be one of the reasons which I have listed below. You should do some corrective measures if possible or delete it if it is causing more harm than gain.

YouTube audience retention - Youtube analytics


Tips to create videos which keeps your viewer watching till the end

Average Audience Retention on YouTube

Whats a good audience retention rate?

There are no fixed or written number for a good audience retention, but something about 40 is good, 50 would be great and anything above that would be excellent.

Your Video is not what the viewer thought

You have either gave a wrong title, description or used wrong tags. To improve the YouTube SEO, you should not mislead your viewers by stuffing keywords which are not related into the video title, description and tags. So you should be fair with your viewers when posting your videos.

Video is boring or too slow

No body has time to listen to long intro, titles or styling, unless you are a celebrity. You might have spent a lot of time taking shots of a location from different angles, taking time-lapse, etc, but if you are going to show the same thing from different angles that you shot, believe me, you are going to lose the viewer.

Watch your video at least 2-3 times, edit , edit and edit

So come to topic, don’t drag, keep your video interesting, script it well, have a story, proper character ,etc to keep your viewer glued till the end. This is not going to be easy, you will improve in every next video you make if you spend more time to watch your own video.

First 8-10 seconds are important – Audience Retention

If your viewer is not understanding what your video is going to be in the first 8-10 seconds, then the possibility of retaining the viewer is very low.

Number of Views vs Audience Retention – Which is more important?

Yes we do need more number of views, but the views should be with high audience retention. Fewer Views but high Audience Retention is better than high views with lower audience retention.

Further Reading on Audience Retention

So to conclude, audience retention is something which we cannot pay and attain, off course you can buy good videos and upload to your channel. You can increase your view by paid traffic, but not the audience retention.

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