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YouTube Branding Watermark Subscribe –  If you are a YouTuber or a Vlogger, you should be knowing all about YouTube branding, using your logo watermark on all your videos. When a new viewer views your video, he can hover over the watermark and directly subscribe to your channel. This is not shown to already subscribed users.

How to add YouTube branding watermark?

If you have not done branding using the watermark feature for your channel, then you are missing some great advantages. I have a simple ethical hack which I tried and found to be working well. I was using my name as watermark on my channel for more than 3 months.

Hack to improve the subscribers growth by using Subscribe Image as Watermark

Recently while watching a video, I noticed a subscribe button instead of any logo or name like what I or most of the YouTube Channels have done. This is really a good idea to boost subscribers. Actually you are using the right lable and telling your subscribers to subscribe to your channel by using a subscribe like button as watermark.

What is the recommended watermark logo size?

The recommended size for a watermark logo for YouTube branding is 800px by 800px. The image should be in .png / .gif format and less than 1mb in size.

How to setup branding watermark for YouTube channel?

Login to your Creator Studio, Go to the Channel Link on the left sidebar, then Click on Branding Under that

youtube branding watermark


If you already have a logo / watermark as branding, you can change it by first removing it and then adding a new one.

Click on the Add Watermark button as shown on the image above

youtube branding adding watermark logo

You should always use png or gif format image, suggested size is 800 x 800 px and file size should be less than 1mb

You have an option to set when your logo / watermark show be visible. I suggest to set to be visible most of the time.

This is how my watermark is shown on my videos

Further to Watermark / Logo and Branding

In this post we have discussed about YouTube Branding, Watermark and Subscribing using the watermark on the video. Some details on the guidelines of YouTube Branding logo / watermark image, size of the image for branding. Hope this is helpful for new YouTubers and others.

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