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Importance of Knowing GI Value of the food that you eat – Fighting Diabetes

Glycemic Index and Diabetes – Glycemic Index or GI value of a food is a number between 0-100.

Glycemic Index and Diabetes

The topic of this video is “Glycemic Index of the food you eat”.

Every food has a GI Value, which would be a number less or equal to hundred.

The bigger the number, the faster rise in blood glucose level.

So a diabetic person should be knowing about this so that he can decide what he or she should eat and how much can be taken without spiking the blood glucose level.

Foods with carbohydrates that break down quickly during digestion and release glucose rapidly into the bloodstream tend to have a high GI

55 or below is Low GI food which should be your choice if you are diabetic
Above 55 and less than 70 is moderate – But I suggest you should avoid this, but sometimes is fine or mix it with very low GI food and have it. The quantity should be less
And anything above 70 is high and you should not even think about these food.

Factors Effecting GI Value

Now we need to understand that there are many other factor which would effect the GI of a food
For example, GI more ripped mango would be higher than a less ripped mango
More cooking would also increase the GI of the food
You can even decrease the GI by adding more fibre and fat to your food during cooking.

Low GI fruits
Cherries, Plums, Dried Apricots, Apples, Strawberries

Glycemic Index And Diabetes
Glycemic Index And Diabetes

You can find food listed with the GI value online. Please go through it and check what you like to eat and plan your diet. You should always have a low carb diet with more protein and fat if you are diabetic.

So what should people with diabetes do?

Diet is a very important factor for keeping your blood glucose level under control.
So we need to know what we are eating and how does that influence our blood glucose level.

Now for sake of understanding diet
I eat a breakfast of 5 Wheat Roti, some spicy dal and potato curry and a cup of sugarless milk coffee.

I have not taken any sugar, wheat roti and dal and potato is good for health,
Than I did not add sugar to my Coffee, but if you check your glucose level after 2 hours, you will find that it’s high.

Reason – High Carbs, milk will increase your sugar level

What do I eat for my breakfast?
Early morning 20 gms of Whey Protien Shake
4 egg whites and one egg yolk
Little high protein cereal with almond milk
Some blue berry, almonds and a black coffee

This is a very nutrious low carb breakfast. I keep changing the combinations, but always make sure it is giving me a balance of my requirments.

I keep experimenting and optimizing my diet by checking my blood glucose after having food. Every diabetic person should know the relationship between Glycemic Index And Diabetes

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With experiment and experience you would be able to decide on what you should eat and what you should not.

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