Fighting Diabetes by bodybuilding

I have been working out and doing weight training for the past 5 years now. As I have mentioned in the past about me getting diagnosed as diabetic, going through the tough time of high blood glucose level and how I got my HbA1C to a better level. I will be explaining diabetes bodybuilding methods […]

Food to eat if you have diabetes – Fighting Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes is a condition which can be taken care naturally. You need to understand the kind of Food to eat if you have diabetes. If you are having the right food in right quantity at the right time, you can help yourself to keep a good control over diabetes. Being diabetic, it’s important to know […]

Importance of Knowing GI Value of the food that you eat – Fighting Diabetes

Glycemic Index and Diabetes – Glycemic Index or GI value of a food is a number between 0-100. [bootube src=””] The topic of this video is “Glycemic Index of the food you eat”. Every food has a GI Value, which would be a number less or equal to hundred. The bigger the number, the faster […]

Diagnosis – How I came to know that I am Diabetic ?

It was in the year 2002 when I not feeling well suffering from loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting etc. I had just joined my new job in the Maldives at AMDC as a a marketing executive. I initially felt that this could be because of the change in climate, location, job, etc. See Also –¬†Early […]

My Transformation – From 63kg to 72kg

I had wrote a post on my condition on diabetes¬†about 2 years back. I had put a lot of effort on transforming myself in terms of my physique, my laboratory reports, etc. Here I am focusing on tips to control diabetes naturally which I have tried and worked well for me. If you check the […]