Malgudi Vatika at Bangalore Mysore Highway

I pass through Bangalore Mysore highway very often, but never could get into this place for some food. Many times I stopped,  but as the place looked crowded, I just left all the time postponing to the next time.

To be very frank, the place was not as expected. Will not be going to this place if there are some other choices.

Processed Food should be avoided – Not good for health

It is very important that you eat good for having good health. We see a lot of processed food at super markets / online shops which are very tasty, but they are very bad for health.


Foods like processed meat, bread, pasta, sugar, etc are things which should be avoided. Check out the full list on the link below

Avoid processed foods as much as you possibly can. I do not recommend you go completely saatvik and only eat fresh (though that is ideal). But by definition, the moment something is processed, it will be start losing its original form.

Source: 8 Processed Foods to Avoid and Why – NDTV Food

Update : 10-January-2018 10:24 (IST)

Introduction – Fighting Diabetes

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Raja Bojun at Colombo

raja bojun

Looking for a good place to have traditional lunch when you are at Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka? Raja Bojun at Colombo is a nice place to have traditional Sri Lankan food.

You get traditional Sri Lankan food buffet. Place is clean and arranged traditionally. If you want to experience Sri Lankan food, you can visit this place – Raja Bojun

I had been to this place two times, food was too much for me, but for good eater, you should come here, its un-limited and I think there were lots of dishes, which includes vegetables, non-vegetarian and desserts. You can also have a drink, if you wish so, but that would be billed separate.

Cost – Yes, but it is worth it. Try and let me know.

If you have already been here, please share your thoughts, would love to hear it.

Lunch at Forum Mall Bangalore 

Came for some work to Bangalore. Had to visit Forum Mall for some shopping.

Food at Malabar Coastal Cuisine was great. You have different tastes from Vegetarian to coastal sea food, Subway, Vada Paw. 

Update : 24-October-2016 15:17 (IST)

You can get other street food like the Vada Paw, Missle, etc. Nice environment to sit and eat.

The Beeper at Maiyas

The Beeper

You are given this beeping device if your order Will take some time before it can be delivered. Are usually get this device when I am at the airport. 

After billing, when you go to the counter for collecting your order ,some orders like Dosa which will take some time to prepare freshly, you would be given this beeper. Once you order is ready this people would start beeping you can come and collect you order.