Early Aryan Settlements

India as is well known derives its name from the Sindhu (Indus), and the earliest civilization of this country of which we have any definite trace had its cradle in the valley of the same river. Some say that the earliest civilization that evolved in this valley is the civilization of the Aryans which had […]

The US Civil War

The US Civil War – The USA came into being in A.D. 1783 when it shook off the yoke of England. As a new country she had to face many problems. One of them, perhaps the most difficult one, was the Civil War which broke out in A.D. 1861 between the northern and the southern […]

History of Calendars

A world without calendars would surely be a topsy-turvy place. It is hard even to imagine a world without calendars. Had there been a world devoid of calendars, there would be no way of keeping track of the weeks, months or years as they went past, or of anything else for that matter. We would […]