No more Cafe Coffee Day

I very often go to the Mall of Mysore where there is a Cafe Coffee day, but never had anything from that place. I know that they are not going to be in any lose if I do not use their products, but definitely, they have lost a good customer and there could be many like me.

This is the Cafe Coffee Day at the Bangalore International Airport

Every month when I come out of the Bangalore International Airport, I have the habit of going to the Cafe Coffee day for a cup of tea / coffee. This time I asked for some snacks and a tea and I requested them to give me an extra tea bag, but the person who was doing the billing told me very bluntly that he can give me only one tea bag with the tea.I was very upset, just cancelled the order and walked to the subway and had a tea, requested for 2 tea bags, they gave me with a smile. I decided that I will never get into a Cafe Coffee day nor use any of their products.

Net Neutrality–Indian Telecom Operators and Internet Users

Indian is growing very fast in terms of Internet users and currently India ranks 3rd, but the percentage of Internet users is just 20. Ranking in terms of penetration is 144. Now if you look at the rate of growth, you will understand that the rate at which the usage / penetration is growing is …

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Acts of Religious Intolerance in India Would Have Shocked Gandhi – Barack Obama

Dear Mr Prime Minister – You need to make sure that your allies should be kept under your control. India is the biggest democracy in the world and every religion has equal rights in India. You should make sure that the religious freedom / protection that the minorities enjoy in India is something that makes what India different. I know you are having tough time controlling some of your right wing allies, but please make sure that you do not compromise on these things. It’s because of you that most of the young voters have given the chance to BJP and not because they agree with the ideology of BJP.

Its not just Indians, the entire world is watching the stupid things happening in India. I know that you have the guts to take these hooligans, but don’t waste time thinking too much.

Acts of Religious Intolerance in India Would Have Shocked Gandhi: Barack Obama