Sri Lanka

Sleep at Serendib Lounge 

Came to Colombo last night from Bangalore on my way to Maldives. Slept nicely at the Srilankan Serendib lounge. The only problem I see here is the speed of the internet which could have been better. 

Now a days there are no direct flights from Bangalore to Male’. Bangalore Airport is closed between 10:30 to 17:30 hrs. I think this would continue for few months. 

Update : 03-March-2017 10:24 (IST)

Spend about 10 hours here, had a nice sleep, freshened up and also a good breakfast.

Raja Bojun at Colombo

raja bojun

Looking for a good place to have traditional lunch when you are at Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka? Raja Bojun at Colombo is a nice place to have traditional Sri Lankan food.

You get traditional Sri Lankan food buffet. Place is clean and arranged traditionally. If you want to experience Sri Lankan food, you can visit this place – Raja Bojun

I had been to this place two times, food was too much for me, but for good eater, you should come here, its un-limited and I think there were lots of dishes, which includes vegetables, non-vegetarian and desserts. You can also have a drink, if you wish so, but that would be billed separate.

Cost – Yes, but it is worth it. Try and let me know.

If you have already been here, please share your thoughts, would love to hear it.