How to fly a drone in India safely? Fly without fear

Flying drones in India without the UID registration is illegal. As of now the registration process is held up as none of the manufacturers have registered. Most of us use drones manufactured by DJI and they still are in the process of studying the drone policy (Digital Sky Platform) Most of us like me would […]

Monetisation Enabled for my Travel Channel – Approved to Join YouTube Partner Program

First thing that most of us do when we wake is check out mobile notifications. I do this most of the days and today I saw an email from YouTube mentioning about my travel channel approved for YouTube Partner Program (YPP) which means that my videos would be monetized using the Google Adsense Program. I […]

How I reached 500 Subscribers organically? YouTube Channel

It has been 4 months since I starting posting videos regularly and working really hard to get my videos viewed by right audience. Why I say right audience is that I did not want to just improve my view numbers, but I wanted my videos to be viewed by people who are really interested in […]