How to fly a drone in India safely? Fly without fear

Flying drones in India without the UID registration is illegal. As of now the registration process is held up as none of the manufacturers have registered. Most of us use drones manufactured by DJI and they still are in the process of studying the drone policy (Digital Sky Platform) Most of us like me would …

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Google Drive and Evernote

Evernote is used by me everyday for my official work as well as my personal needs. There are situations when you need to insert spreadsheets or any PDF documents into the note and Evernote can do almost everything that you would need.

I tried inserting Google Drive Spreadsheets, but only you get the link. It would be good if we could embed it.

Try Evernote

You can add Google Drive files to Evernote notes as attachments or as pasted links (URLs) without having to leave Evernote. When you attach Google Drive files, the links are formatted as clickable objects that are easy to find in a note.

Source: How to attach Google Drive files to notes – Evernote Help & Learning