Canon 80D 20 days experience of a new YouTuber

I had been using Canon G7X Mark II , Sony FDR x3000 and my iPhone X as my cameras and lately I got a Canon 80D. Actually 90% of my video shooting could be done using my old cameras but when I need to shoot some long shots or wildlife, I was missing good videos […]

Best Camera for a New YouTuber – Canon G7X Mark II

Which is the best camera for a new YouTuber? I started my YouTube channel with videos shot on my iPhone X which I still feel is the best and easiest way to shoot unplanned vlogs. There are situations that you are not planned, but you have your phone with you to shoot a good video […]

Tips to Increase Audience Retention above 50%

What is Audience Retention ? YouTube Audience Retention –¬† In general, how long you can retain a viewer or a visitor till the completion or end of the video or script or play. Suppose its a movie of 2 hours and he leaves after 1 hour then the audience retention is 50% in that particular […]

Why New YouTubers should use YouTube Analytics?

Free YouTube Analytics Tools As a new YouTuber, you should have few very important points that you should be doing seriously to grow your YouTube Channel Views, Video View time and above all loyal organic subscribers. Every YouTuber has been provided with the best YouTube Analytics Tools for free which is the¬†YouTube analytics dashboard. As […]

How to promote your YouTube Channel for free?

Starting a channel is easy and free, working hard on shooting, editing and uploading videos to your channel is also manageable, but how to promote your YouTube Channel? Here are some methods to promote your YouTube channel for free. With these methods, other than promoting your YouTube Channel, you can also get free YouTube subscribers, […]

Tips for New YouTubers – Every new YouTube Channel Owner should read

I started my YouTube Channel in 2008, but that was for posting some tutorial videos for the products that I was developing and selling. I had even done some video testimonials, affiliate marketing and so on. I kept my Channel dead for almost 10 years when I was focusing on my full time job. I […]