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This site is everything about YouTube Tips for beginners, subscribers, channels, SEO, view hours and more. You can find articles on YouTube Tips and Tricks, News, Updates, Technical Updates. Also this site has a lot of information for YouTubers.

Who is a YouTuber?

Are you somebody who has a channel posting videos regularly?

Are your searching for reaching 1000 subscribers and 4000 view hours?

Do you want to get your account approved for Adsense Earnings?

Do you want to get more traffic on your YouTube Channel?

If your your answers for all the above questions are Yes, then you should go through this site in details.

You can find answers to all the above questions and above that it’s sharing of experience of reaching 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours by a Beginning YouTuber.

During the last two years, the popularity of vlogging or Video Blogging has grown very high for the simple reason that there are lots of money that could be made from YouTube. There are YouTubers who have thousands and millions of Subscribers and they do make big money from vlogging.

Due to lots of spam accounts and more and more people getting into creating channel to make quick money, the entire environment of quality videos on YouTube was going down. YouTube took some harsh decision to crack on YouTubers who tried wrong, unethical methods to grow their channels and make money. Effective 22nd Feb, millions of YouTube accounts lost Adsense Monetisation feature.

Are you looking forward to reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time?

I am also one of you. I am sharing everything that I am doing to get to that figure on this blog. I started with 0 subscribers and few hours of watchtime 2 months back, but I had my Adsense enabled as my account was more than 10 years old, but from 22nd, I do not have any monetisation from Adsense.

I am confident of reaching 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours in next 4-5 months time. Follow me on this blog to get the updates of my Journey to get my channel approved for Google Adsense monetisation.

I still make money without Adsense – Check out the below posts for more information

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Tips for New YouTubers

Check out my blog posts to get great tips on running a YouTube channel in the right way and make money. You cannot make quick money by just uploading some videos, you need to work really hard.

Check this post for Proven Tips for New YouTubers

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