Responsive Blogger Template–Kish Bootstrap

I have written this template using the bootstrap framework. I had earlier worked on a WordPress theme using Bootstrap Framework

Advantages of Bootstrap Framework

Responsive Design

Kish Bootstrap comes with responsive design, which means that you do not have to worry about the kind of device that your viewer is using.

You can check this by resizing this page on you browser. You can open this page on your smartphone, tablet or your desktop. You will realize the advantage of having a responsive design.

You can set the visibility to adjust your layout, like this text is not visible on devices which have screen size less than 1200px. You can check it by resizing your browser window.

There are classes available which can hide / show different elements on different devices with different screen sizes

Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress

This blog is using the Genesis Theme Framework with child theme


Light Weight

Kish Bootstrap comes with Bootstrap 3.0 which is a very light weight framework. Load your pages faster than any other themes. There are tons of style available which can used for customization.

Believe me, we have not even used 25% on this page. There are responsive table, panels, buttons, grids, buttons, forms, etc which can be used on your website by just using the CSS style.

Bootstrap is very widely used and is one of the best technologies available.

This template is currently used on my blogs, not ready for public release. Will update once it’s ready for public use.

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