WordPress SEO – Very Important to know these SEO issues

WordPress is the best platform to set up a website or a blog. You can customise WordPress to the best of your need without even changing a single line of WordPress Code. You use WordPress Plugins and Themes to do that. One thing which is very important for a website is to get search engine traffic and rank well in Google SERPS, but there are serious WordPress SEO issues, which you need to be aware and take care.

Is WordPress Search Engine Optimised (SEO) ?

Google and other search engines keep updating their algorithm periodically to give the best search results, remove spams and junk search results, etc. To comply with the updated guidelines of search engines, every webmaster / SEO expert needs to update the SEO settings of the website.

WordPress by default has comply with most of the basic website design guidelines and standards. It is important to check if your theme is as per Google Webmaster guidelines which is very important. I suggest to use reputed themes like Genesis, Elegant Themes, Thesis, which are as per the industry standard.

Issues Related to WordPress Core functionality

There are some serious SEO issues with the default settings of WordPress. You need to understand these issues and then I will explain, how I have take care of these SEO issues of WordPress.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is a serious issue as far as Google is concerned. Google wants each and every page to be unique.

Issues with Unattached Images in WordPress

Every unattached image is a WordPress Page. Google indexes these pages and finds that it does not have any proper content. File name is take has title, most of the times that would not make any sense. There would be no text which is unique. These kind of pages are bad for your website and needs to be eleminated or atleast stop Google from Indexing thouse pages.

WordPress Unattached Images 0000.jpg

You need to go to your WordPress Dashboard->Media->Library then filter for Unattached Images. If you have anything, you can either attach it to a post that you will not delete like the About Page or Contact Page or create a dummy page as draft and attach all these to that. Now in your Google Search Console, these pages will show Error 404.

SEO issues Deleting a post in WordPress

You may be surprised that when you delete a page or post, there are some SEO issues. The attached images create separate pages. If you had tags which where used only on that particular post, then you delete those tags too. In that case the tag pages would show error 404. What do you do for this, you need to either redirect that page to a very similar page or set 410 redirect. How do you do all these redirect? I suggest to use Yoast SEO Premium Plugin, it has the redirect feature, which is very useful.

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Avoid Indexing post types – attachments / Media

One of the Other WordPress SEO issues – In the Yoast Plugin, Meta and Titles, set Media Attachment page to noIndex to avoid Google Indexing all these attachment pages, which would be more like duplicate pages and would give negative points to your site.

Wordpress SEO issues - No Index attachment pages

WordPress Tagging – Is it good for WordPress SEO

Too much of anything is not good. Yoast has explained about using the tags, which is something very important. I feel using tags like keywords which I have seen often being used by many should be dangerous. if you use tags in the right way, it should work well.

Best WordPress SEO Plugin

You can sort out all the WordPress SEO related issues with some WordPress Plugins. I use the Yoast SEO plugin, recently upgraded to the Pro Version, really worth it.

Tools that you should use to monitor your site

There are some tools which are free and really useful to really know about how your website is looking from a search engine point of view. We just focus on Google as I believe other are irrelevant as far as real search results and traffic are concerned.

Google Search Console

Get all the updates that are very important , the Google Point of view

There are many other SEO paid tools, but I don’t use any.


Hope this post gives a good idea about WordPress SEO issues. A little care can sort out the issue

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