One Year of YouTube – Making money from travel

Many start a YouTube channel to make money and making money from YouTube was not my main motive. It has been about a year now that I am regularly post all my travel videos. It is not that I have just started traveling one year back, but I have starting video blogging since December 2017. […]

Monetisation Enabled for my Travel Channel – Approved to Join YouTube Partner Program

First thing that most of us do when we wake is check out mobile notifications. I do this most of the days and today I saw an email from YouTube mentioning about my travel channel approved for YouTube Partner Program (YPP) which means that my videos would be monetized using the Google Adsense Program. I […]

Free Music / Audio for your YouTube Videos

If you are a YouTuber, you will understand the importance of good quality music for your videos. You need to make sure that you are not violating the copyrights when you are using a music on your YouTube Video as you are monetising the videos. I tried many sites, even annoying downloads at Soundcloud, makeing […]