How to become a YouTuber / Vlogger? Step By Step Explained

Everything you need to know if you are planning to become a YouTuber / Vlogger

Before we get into the steps of becoming a YouTuber, let me make it very clear that you should be passionate about whatever you do. Enjoy your work, starting a career as a YouTuber is a good idea, You can make money, become popular and even sometimes a YouTube star.

Who is a YouTuber?

The term YouTuber came up when passionate video bloggers started posting videos on YouTube. A vlogger is a person who does video blogging or vlogging.

How are Blogger, Vlogger and YouTuber related?

Initially, blogging involved a personal web log, in which a person would journal about their day. From “web log” came the term “blog.”

Video blogging was termed as Vlogging and Vloggers on YouTube got the name YouTuber. YouTube is the biggest video publishing company on the world-wide web.

Deciding on

Setting up your YouTube Channel

Your Google Account is your login for YouTube,

Go to your YouTube Account Page


Once you click on that link, you get the page where all your existing channels and Google+ pages (Brand Account) are listed. Click on the create new channel.


Create a Brand Account for your Channel

Please make sure that you first create a new brand account with YouTube Channel. There is a possibility that you use your personal Google Account for your YouTube Channel.

You should be ready with name of your channel, tagline, keywords and other plans ready by now. You should always select a niche topic. I suggest to create a YouTube Channel on a particular topic rather than posting all kinds of videos.

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Check How to create YouTube Channel with Brand Account

You can also move your channel to a different or a new brand account. I had recently done it. Earlier I was using my Google account, not a brand account. Advantage of brand account is that you can add managers or other user for specific reasons. Don’t worry, you will not lose any of your videos or subscribers when you move your channel to a new brand account.

Designs and Artwork for your Channel

You should upload a good icon and back ground image for your YouTube Channel.

Now you are ready to go, get your first video ready. You are not going to be a YouTuber or Vlogger with your fist video going online.

Getting ready to become a YouTuber / Vlogger

What Equipment do you need to become a YouTuber?

You would need some basic devices to start off as a YouTuber, at least a video camera or a smart phone camera capable of recording video is a must.

Shooting your first video

For your first video, I suggest to create a video which would give your introduction, what you are planning to do on your YouTube Channel and so on. Make sure that the length is not more than 5-8 minutes.

Check out the ideas on first video on your YouTube Channel

Editing your first videos

Use simple video editing softwares like iMovie or Windows Movie maker if you are new to video editing. Have some titles and other texts in your video with some impressing audio to make your first video impressive. Show the video to at least one or two of your close friends or anybody who would give a sincere opinion. Correct as much as you can and get ready to upload your first YouTube Video.

Upload your First YouTube Video

While uploading, set the status of the video as private if you do not have proper time to write the right title, description and the tags. Once you have your video uploaded, you can take enough time to write good title, description.

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What next, you are a YouTuber?

Uploading the first video, have given you a title as YouTuber, but there are very serious matters coming ahead. Just uploading a video would not make your a successful YouTuber.

YouTube Tips for Success as a YouTuber

To be successful in any profession or a business, you need to follow some basic rules like business plans, implementation, analysis of data, etc

Similarly, other than uploading quality videos, you need to focus on few important things

Increasing your channel subscribers and views

Number of subscribers for a channel and number of views for a video are real indicators of how a channel is performing or ranking.

Check out how to increase your channel subscribers and views organically

Increasing traffic to your channel

  1. Be consistant in posting your video
  2. Colaborate with other YouTubers
  3. Build a strong and loyal community and communicate with your viewers
  4. Ask questions to your viewers like feedback of the latest video or ask them to give suggestions for next video.
  5. Participate in social media discussions on related topic.
  6. Make videos for your viewers, not search engines or trends, stick to your topic and make wonderful videos
  7. All think about your brand, build your brand, do brand building
  8. Plan some events for your viewer, can be a YouTube Live event or you can have some meetup.
  9. You should try to make your Channel unique, something should be different from any channel that are of the same category or topic.

Increase Audience Retention of your Channel

Audience retention for YouTube Video is like bounce rate for websites

Keep watch on Analytics Data

You should know how your channel is performing. You should understand which kind of  videos and doing well and plan your future videos. Check out my earlier post on using Analytics data for Youtube Channel

Some common questions related to YouTubers / Vlogger

How to become a YouTuber and make money?

Now you have become a YouTuber, you have good number of videos and you get a decent number of viewers. You need to make money to at least fund your expenses on creating videos, upgrading your gadgets , buying a better camera, tripod, software for video editing and so on.

YouTube monetization option

Once you qualify for YouTube monetization, you get paid by Google through Adsense account. If you work hard, it should not take more than 6 months to get your account approved for monetization using your Google Adsense account.

Making money on YouTube Channel Other than Adsense

There are some proven methods like Amazon affiliate program, sponsored videos, product / service reviews to monetise your channel. All these would work great if you have good traffic

Check out the options other than Adsense for YouTube to monetise YouTube Channels

How to become a YouTube Star?

To become famous on YouTube and get stardom is something which can happen when you put in lot of effort. Yes along with hard work, your should also be bit lucky. There are many hardworking YouTubers, who have never become a star. Everybody cannot become a star, stardom would come automatically when hard work done with right intention and right time.

To conclude, if you are determined, you can be a great YouTuber / Vlogger.

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