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10 best tech reviewers on YouTube

Every Tech reviewer on YouTube had a variety of interests. Most of the successful and connection YouTubers focus on delivering a clear message, early access and continuous efforts to deliver the opinions about what they love the most. Tech reviewers on YouTube play a big role in delivering hands on information of latest products for potential customers.

Here is a list of most loved and followed reviewers on YouTube where you can find the best technology reviews on YouTube


The Channel MKBHD is run by Marques Brownlee, an American YouTuber. The Channel is one of the most trusted, when it comes to responsible opinion about new Gadgets, mostly phones. The videos are pleasant to eye in terms of quality and the reviews are very thorough with 5.8 million subscribers

Marques Brownlee - One of the top Tech Reviewers on Youtube
Marques Brownlee – Top Tech YouTuber

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Unbox Therapy

Lewis Hilsenteger is behind this popular tech reviewer channel. Lew is known for his out of the box unboxing style. This channel features high-tech videos, with proper consideration given to cameras and angles. The videos are witty and entertaining along with reviews of new gadgets and technology All kinds of it.

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Unbox Therapy - One of the best technology channels on youtube
Unbox Therapy – Top Technology Channel with 10 million subscribers higher than MKBHD

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Austin Evans

Austin Evans Reviews Phones, PC Builds and gaming setups. Austin takes his viewers on adventures with his fun reviews and interactive sessions wherein he answers the curiosities of viewers about gadgets. One of the most popular video category from Austin Evans is the comparison videos where products are pit against each other and the winner emerges.

Linus Tech Tips

Linus Gabriel Sabastein is the pioneer of the channel. The channel features videos about technology, tech reviews, gadgets and related content. The focus remains with PC’s. The channel unboxes PC casings and rest of the computer peripherals. The content is innovative, and the production team make the videos worth a watch. The videos make sure that the entertainment quotient remains high.

linustechtip YouTube Technology Channel
Linus tech tips YouTube Technology Channel with 5.4 million subscribers

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Jonathan Morrison is the face of the channel. The channel is talk of the town because of its crispy, visually pleasant and content-compelling videos. The reviews provided are trusted and Jonathan has been clearly able to establish connect between him and his subscribers. Jonathan is one of the top tech reviewers on YouTube.

TLD - Jonathan Morrison
High quality videos blending tech + aesthetic, showcasing the latest products & gadgets.

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This Tech-Review channel is one of the top-tier tech review destination. Presented by Judner Aura, this channel managed to cling on the top seat of accurate reviews in a small span of time. The speciality of this channel is phones, headphones and computer gear. The style content of this Vlog also sets it apart.


The famous Taras Kulakov, runs this YouTube channel. The channel was created back in 2012 and has surpassed two billion views. With ten million subscribers, the channel tests gadgets from a wide array. The channel is known for its “life hacks” content as well.

Russian hacker youtuber

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Kip Kedersha, known as Kipkay, also an author of how-to videos, reviews all kinds of gadgets. The channel is popular for “hacks’ as well. A series of how-to video is also featured on the channel.

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Edgar Ognesyan leads the channel. Techsource is famous for reviews of Gaming PC’s and the series of videos called “Best tech deal of the week”. The reviews are noteworthy because of the details and investigative reviews of brand new gadgets.

techsouce - top tech review channel
Creating entertaining and educational tech content on youtube since August 2012.

The channel has 1.6 million subscribers

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UrAvgConsumer – Top Average Consumer tech reviewer on YouTube

This channel is headed by Judner Aur. The channel has garnered over 685K subscribers and has managed the sponsorship of Sony, LG. Tech lovers fancy this channel and the reach is far and wide. He is specialised for review of Average consumer tech products.

UrAvgConsumer - Average consumer products review
Judner Aura – UrAvgConsumer Just your average guy who loves tech and giving his opinions on it.

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Final thoughts on top tech reviewers on YouTube

All the above listed are great YouTubers, taken up their career as a YouTuber, lots of hard work and they are passionate about what they are doing. A lot of credit would go to these people who are inspiration to others to do great work.

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