Must have Gadgets for New YouTubers

As a new YouTuber, I decided to start a channel and use everything that I already have until I start making some money out of the channel. For shooting I decided to use my iPhone X 256Gb which has an excellent camera and I can shoot on 4K and had about 200 Gb of space. If feel basically the basic gadgets for new YouTubers would be a camera, a MAC or a PC or an iPad or even smart phone to upload videos.

Basic Gadgets for Starting off as a YouTuber

These are just basics, there are great products designed for YouTubers, will get into that once we start making money or get somebody to invest into our channel.

Best Camera for a budding YouTuber

Your smart phone should be your first camera.

Mic – Best Mic for great audio for a new Youtuber

Your smart phone can record good audio, so that should do the work.

You would definitely need to buy a simple selfie stick or a tripod to hold your camera phone. I had got one 

The best hosting for your WordPress Blog

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Best Video Editing software for a new YouTuber

If you are a Mac user, iMovie is really good, windows too have some free video editor.

If you check the initial videos of any great YouTuber, you will see the videos are mostly created on their smart phone or some simple cameras and editing is also done on basic free softwares.

Unless you feel that you really need a dedicated camera, continue with these basic devices. As a budding YouTuber you should focus on creating good videos, marketing your channel, increasing your Subscribers, making your videos top on YouTube searches, etc.

Final World on the top gadgets for new YouTubers

After few videos, even though I did not get my first payment, I decided to invest some money for my YouTube Channel and by some simple Gadgets

My videos are basically on my travel, food and destinations, so I got a camera (Sony FDR x3000)

My next camera was the Canon G7X which is also a good camera and very popular among YouTubers.

I use Final cut Pro to edit my videos, which is more than basics but simple and does a great work. You really need better hardware to run FCP.

I suggest that you do not put in too much of money, have long term plans. Unless you have good video views and subscribers, you are not going to earn much money from your YouTube Channel, but be assured that if you put good efforts, you can make money from YouTube.

Update – Check this video on the Gadgets that I use for Vlogging

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