Monetisation Enabled for my Travel Channel – Approved to Join YouTube Partner Program

First thing that most of us do when we wake is check out mobile notifications. I do this most of the days and today I saw an email from YouTube mentioning about my travel channel approved for YouTube Partner Program (YPP) which means that my videos would be monetized using the Google Adsense Program.

I have been waiting for this email for the past 1 month now after completing the minimum requirement of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.

To be frank, this does not mean that I am going to make a hell lot of money from today. My earning would depend on the views that serve the ads. Also the kind of ads, views, CPM and so on.

For me, this was just a milestone and moreover I shoot and post videos because I enjoy it. I use my channel as a form of documentation for my travels and other important events.

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Few questions that would be in the mind of new YouTubers

How much money would I make from YouTube Partner Program?

Not much, you should not get into posting videos because you are going to make a lot of money, that would be a big disaster.

Other than YouTube Partner Program, you can make money using sponsored videos, affiliate marketing, etc.

There are no fixed rates that YouTube would pay per view, the rates are not much if your viewers are not from countries like US, UK or where the bid for Adwords goes high.

What are the minimum requirement for getting approved for YouTube Partner Program?

You should have 1000 Subscribers 4000 Watch Hours as a minimum qualification to be evaluated. If you channel complies with all the regulations of YPP, your channel would be approved. This process would take from 1 week to about 30 days now. Earlier there were channels which took more than 3-6 months. Now as per the update from YouTube, most of the back logs of evaluations are cleared.

Further to Getting YouTube Channel Approved for Adsense

My Journey to reach this milestone

  1. Active on my YouTube Channel
  2. Reaching 200 subscribers on YouTube Channel
  3. Starting my new Personal Vlog – Kishore’s Vlog


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