Free Music / Audio for your YouTube Videos

If you are a YouTuber, you will understand the importance of good quality music for your videos. You need to make sure that you are not violating the copyrights when you are using a music on your YouTube Video as you are monetising the videos. I tried many sites, even annoying downloads at Soundcloud, makeing […]

Canon 80D 20 days experience of a new YouTuber

I had been using Canon G7X Mark II , Sony FDR x3000 and my iPhone X as my cameras and lately I got a Canon 80D. Actually 90% of my video shooting could be done using my old cameras but when I need to shoot some long shots or wildlife, I was missing good videos […]

Best Camera for a New YouTuber – Canon G7X Mark II

Which is the best camera for a new YouTuber? I started my YouTube channel with videos shot on my iPhone X which I still feel is the best and easiest way to shoot unplanned vlogs. There are situations that you are not planned, but you have your phone with you to shoot a good video […]

Best Video Editing / Processing Software for a YouTuber

Editing video before publishing to YouTube Shooting video is the initial task. You get tons of great shots, but you need to remove scenes which are not needed, disturbing, etc, to be precise, you edit your video. You should do as much as editing that you feel like to make your video the best by […]