Best Camera for a New YouTuber – Canon G7X Mark II

Which is the best camera for a new YouTuber? I started my YouTube channel with videos shot on my iPhone X which I still feel is the best and easiest way to shoot unplanned vlogs. There are situations that you are not planned, but you have your phone with you to shoot a good video for you YouTube channel.

You should have a smart phone with good storage so that you can get your entire video shot on your phone. Phones like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy are great phones to shoot videos for YouTube.

Best Camera for new Youtuber - Canon G7x

Issues that I faced using iPhone X as my YouTube Camera

  1. I get lots of phone calls which disturbs my video shoot on my iPhone
  2. There are chances that my phone Battery goes down and I will be in a terrible situation with my phone not working
  3. I use iCloud for my photo storage, so when I started shooting my YouTube videos on iPhone, my iCloud space ran out even though I had space on my iPhone. To resolve this, I had to disable iCloud storage for my iPhone.
  4. Holding a phone to take perfect long videos is a bit of a problem. I suggest to have a selfie stick on a handle for your smart phone.

These are basically issues with using iPhone / smartphones for shooting videos for YouTube

After going through some reviews, I got a Canon G7X Mark II which is a really good camera for vlogging. It is very handy, good for some high quality HD videos.

Pros and Cons of Canon G7X Mark II

  1. You need to carry spare battery
  2. Zoom is really good, but not suitable for long shots, not a complaint
  3. Cannot Shoot 4K, but HD is more than enough
  4. Small, easy to carry
  5. Good lens for some great long shots.
  6. Biggest advantage is the touch screen which can be rotated to take selfie video.
  7. 20.1 megapixel camera for excellent video and photos
  8. You can charge the battery from USB, you do not have to use the charger which comes along the camera.
  9. I use the auto mode mostly which works excellent especially in low light.
  10. Love the time-lapse which I try to take for every video I post.
  11. Built In stabilizers and ND filter, great for videos which are shaky.

Most of my recent videos are shot on the Canon G7X Mark II, great video camera and still photos.

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Winding Up – Highly recommended for every YouTuber

A recent video shoot where I had to shoot long distance moving objects was really tough. I could not get good videos as I tried using too much of digital zoom. I have got a new Canon 80D two days back. Will write a detailed experience after using it for a full video shoot.

Quality of the videos are excellent. I feel the Canon G7X Mark II should be every YouTuber’s first camera upgrade.

If you have any questions related to Canon G7X, don’t hesitate to ask me.

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