Canon 80D 20 days experience of a new YouTuber

I had been using Canon G7X Mark II , Sony FDR x3000 and my iPhone X as my cameras and lately I got a Canon 80D. Actually 90% of my video shooting could be done using my old cameras but when I need to shoot some long shots or wildlife, I was missing good videos which I realised after the bird sanctuary video.

Overall Experience with Canon 80D

Its a great camera, which I really do not have to say as it is used by thousands of YouTubers and other professional photographers. It is good for photos as well as videos.

Some Issues with Canon 80D for a YouTuber

  1. To zoom a video, you cannot have a smooth zoom as you do it manually. If you are ready for spending about USD 150, then you can buy a motorised zoom, an accessory by canon. I am planing to buy one.
  2. Heavy – Yes the camera is heavy compared to Canon G7X Mark II, I get really good videos with my Canon G7X and Sony FDR x3000
  3. More care to be given – It’s a costly and more sophisticated camera, so I need to be more careful
  4. Being big, you need to have a separate bag to carry this camera.

Advantages of Canon 80D

  1. Best Camera for a YouTuber – It’s the best camera for a YouTuber, just go ahead any buy it if you have the budget. You get great videos
  2. Great Pictures – Not just videos, it gives the best images too.
  3. Good Battery – Great battery back up
  4. Strong Body – After reading lots of reviews by experienced Youtubers, I am very confident of the tough body of this camera
  5. Overall this camera should be in wish list of every YouTuber. You can produce good quality videos.

Along with this camera I got these accessories

  1. Canon Zoom Adaptor (Ordered)
  2. Canon Remote – Very helpful
  3. Jobby Gorilla Tripod
  4. This list of Accessories would be helpful

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