Best Video Editing / Processing Software for a YouTuber

Editing video before publishing to YouTube

Shooting video is the initial task. You get tons of great shots, but you need to remove scenes which are not needed, disturbing, etc, to be precise, you edit your video. You should do as much as editing that you feel like to make your video the best by adding proper audio, transitions, effects, titles, etc and removing everything that you feel is out of context, boring, unnecessary. Check out the list of tools / softwares that you can use for editing your YouTube videos.

What are the best software used by YouTubers to edit videos?

There are many softwares available to do simple editing and some high-end applications for complex editing for projects like movies, etc.

We will start with simple and free video editing software for YouTube.

iMovie – YouTube Video editing on Mac, iPad or iPhone

iMovie is a free software from Apple for Mac and iOS. You can edit videos on your Mac or even on iPad or even iPhone. But when it comes to serious video editing, you would be doing it on at least on iPad. I have edited about 40 of my initial videos on iPad Pro using iMovie.

imovie video editor for youtube - editing your youtube videos
Create great movies in 4K

iMovie has features like trimming, enhancing, adding theme, title, audio, etc which basically a YouTuber would need. You can even create movies on 4K and upload it directly from the software to your YouTube account.

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If you are a Mac user, starting a new YouTube Channel from scratch, then this should be your first video editing and publishing tool.

If you are using iPad, there is a small issue when it comes to publishing. You cannot use your iPad when you click the publish button. If you have a big video this would take a long time and if there is a reason to switch to some other application, then you will have to start over again. On Mac, this works like a charm, I like it.

Check iMovie Official Page

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a free video editing application on Windows. You can find this tool on most of the supported versions of Windows including Windows 10.

Windows Movie Maker for editing YouTube Videos

You can create good videos, adding all your video clips, audio, add effects, pan, zoom, etc.

Other feature includes, improving video quality by adding filters, titles, transition effect, etc

Check out the Official Windows Movie Maker

Final Cut Pro – Best video processing / editing software for YouTubers – Advanced

After posting about 40 videos, I purchased Final cut pro to edit all my YouTube videos. You will love this tool day by day. You will take some time to learn most of the features. You can practically do everything that you would want to do to make your video look professional or like a hollywood movie.

Final Cut Pro

One big issue with this software is that it needs lots of hardware resources like space and memory. I use a Mac book pro which is more than 3 years old, but I have no problem except for the storage. I go a Samsung 250 GB SSD which takes care of my storage problem.

Official Website of Final Cut Pro

Adobe Premiere – Most Advanced Video Editing Software

Adobe Premier is again the best in the industry. I am not sure if a Youtuber should go for this, but there are many who are using this very advanced video editing software.

Adobe Premiere - Video Editing Tool

I am not mentioning about any features of this application for the reason that it does not have anything which other softwares would have. This is a software with subscription model, about US$ 20 per month, which is not much, but you need to decide if you need such a big software?.

Official Website of Adobe Premiere

Pinnacle Studio – Recommended Software

This is a standard paid application for video editing and publishing / sharing. There are three versions, Pinnacle Studio, Plus and Ultimate. The product is fairly priced for the features it has. I have used only the iPad version, which is also a paid app, but I did not use that for long time as I got another iPad video editing software called LumaFusion

Pinnacle Studio Video Editor

Official Site of Pinnacle Studio

If you want to know more check this Pinnacle Studio review before buying the software.

LumaFusion – Best video editing and publishing software for iOS

LumaFusion is a great software for iPad Pro. I used this application on my iPad Pro and edited more than 10-15 videos and published.

More more than iMovie for iPad. 3 video / Audio Tracks, trimming, duplicating, etc


There are tons of features, easy to work and I really like the software. Again the problem comes when we want to publish the video. This is not an application problem but the issue is with iOS.

Official Site of LumaFusion

Apple Store

Sony Movie Maker

Sony Movie Maker is again a simple software. I got to try this when I got a Sony FDR x3000 action camera. The software is simple, but not good for all kinds of video

YouTube Video Editor

This is a free online video Editor which every YouTuber has access to. The features are limited. You can use this only after you upload your video to YouTube.

In the enhancement feature you can add clips, trim clips, add music, Auto fixing, apply time-lapse, apply slow motion, blur face, end screens, etc

Check out the full details of YouTube Video Editor

Bonus Tips

There are many video editing softwares which are available, but I have used only the above mentioned ones. If I come across any new application, this list would be updated.

When you add audio / music to your video, you should make sure that the audio does not have a copyright claim. If that happens,  you will have to either remove the audio or lose the monetization.

Free Audio Sources for YouTube Videos

Free Audio for YouTube – Check the copyright policies before using it on your videos

Soundcloud is another source of great music

Free Audio with iMovie, Final Cut Pro – You have some free audio inside software like iMovie and Final Cut Pro.


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