Is Gimbal useful for Vlogging?

I started vlogging using a iPhone, later to a Canon G7X, then to a Canon 80D and now I use a Canon EOS R. Got different lenses, which works good in low light, then got a drone and now a Ronin S. All these happened over a period of 18 – 20 months of vlogging, creating about 200 videos, out of which most of them are travel videos.

When I see my first video, I understand the changes that I have gone through in producing my vlogs.

Now coming to my latest gadget, Ronin S Gimbal. As usual after doing lots of research, I got this Gimbal, just 2 days back. I had never used a gimbal in my life, so it is a fully new experience.

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Why did I get a gimbal?

I do mostly travel videos and many a times, even after putting lots of effort, I miss to get that really cinematic shots. Gimbals are the best possible solution for this problem. Now I am sure that I can do something different.

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Why was I hesitant to get a gimbal all these days?

I had many times thought to get a Gimbal after getting my first DSLR camera, the Canon 80D. Those days, it was the Zhiyun Crane 2, had seen many reviews, unboxing, but I had noticed that most the popular video bloggers who personal shoot and edit their videos, would just use the smallest possible camera and not any gimbals.

I had over a period of time learned few tricks to get good shots without using any gimbals like

  1. Using Camera Straps
  2. Using Image Stabilisation of the camera
  3. Image Stabilisation of the lens
  4. Stabilising the footage during post production
  5. GoPro Hero 7 is great to shoot great stabilised shots

But, still you do not reach the level of using professional gimbal and I wanted to try it.

Problems of using a gimbal for regular vlogging

I have been trying to reduce the weight of my backpack and this is going to be a burden for me. This gimbal is going to add another about 2kg to my backpack if I am going to carry this when I travel.

Using the gimbal is not very easy, there is a process of balancing, which is not that tedious, but it can take some of your important time. Vlogging is not like a cinema production, so most of the time, it would be only me to do everything.

Holding and walking all day is going to be tough because of the weight.

How I plan to use this Gimbal?

I would use it when I have time to plan and take some cinematic shots. I am not going to replace my Gorilla pod with this gimbal.

Should you as a vlogger need to invest on a gimbal like this Ronin S?

I would say, if you are somebody like me, who wants to take your vlog to a higher level, then this should a good investment. I could manage some good footage with the tricks that I mentioned earlier, but I shoot all my footages using the EOS R camera which give me videos in C-Log format which is great for post production, color correction and color grading.

I will use this for some videos and get back with my experiences in a future post / video

Share you thoughts if you have something to shout.

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