Which Best Language for Vlogging in India ?

I have been blogging since early 2000 and making videos for more than 1 year now. During the initial years, English was the only option, but now we can write blog posts in different languages other than English.

In India, we have now options to use most of the Indian languages and we see now regional languages usage growing at very high pace.

Language and Communication

Language is a tool to communicate with others. So when we want to express or pass on some message, it is very important to use the right language. For me, I can manage speaking in English, Hindi and Malayalam, but since I have been using English on my blogs and other social media platforms, I decided to do my videos in English and have done about 180+ videos in the last 18 months.

Hindi was the language that I used mostly during my school days and I could connect well with my friends, but after studies, I moved to Kerala and Malayalam was the language that I used for day to day communication. I can speak decent Malayalam, but I am very poor in reading and writing, so Malayalam was never an option for me to use it for vlogging.

Internet users in India

When I started my blog during early 2000, English was the only option, desktops were the only option to access internet. In 2002, only 1.5% of Indians had access to internet, but in 2018, 566 million Indians use internet and 97% of them use it on their mobile phones. Now this growth is very important to understand when you decide on the language.

Internet Users In India – Growth

It is very important to note that the Hindi content consumption is growing at the rate of 94% and English only at 19%. and by 2021, Hindi content consumption would overtake English.

Now coming to YouTube videos in India, 95% of video consumption is in regional languages and Hindi is the major contributor

Target Audiences

If you are targeting a specific audience, then you should find out the best language to communicate with them, again you should be conformable using that language.

English or Hindi for Vlogging – Indian Audience

If you want to choose between, English and Hindi and you are comfortable in Hindi, I would suggest to do your vlogs in Hindi for the reasons I mentioned above.

Hindi viewer are not just from India, but you will have Hindi viewer, around the world.

I get a lot of comments, messages asking me to make videos in Hindi, but I wanted to keep going in English.

Hinglish could be a good option

I am trying to talk more in Hindi in my upcoming videos, but as I mentioned, I have been not in touch using Hindi on a daily basis, so would have some trouble, but English would come to rescue, We see people mixing Hindi and English which is know as Hinglish, but I don’t know how far is is right, lets try.

I will experiment this language change and make a follow up video after 3 months. As I have been practising, I will always do a post on my blog for every video I post which would be in reasonable English so viewers who need more clarity can refer to the blog post. The link of the blog post would be there in the Video description.

If you are a blogger / vlogger, kindly share your experiences related to language you use.

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